Air Pollution – the killer in our midst.

June 30th 2017

 Friends of the Earth this week published our report “Unmasked: the true story of the air you’re breathing“.

The results of  a massive people-powered air monitoring experiment suggest that dirty air is a problem in far more places than the government’s headline policy admits. That makes it all the more important for MPs and their constituents to demand a tough plan for Clean Air Everywhere.

In Poole and Bournemouth pollution levels from nitrogen dioxide exceed the national limits, and in Poole at least, levels are rising even in areas which meet the limits.  As a result, over 200 local people a year die 10 years earlier than they would do due to air pollution.   East Dorset FOE call on all local councils to take the threat of air pollution seriously and ACT NOW!

Read the FOE Report at:



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